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8 reasons PRE is brilliant for every crypto portfolio

and why I’ve kept increasing my position for the past 5 months.

There’s over 1600 digital tokens listed on coinmarketcap. Hundreds have already failed or been classified as scams. Many believe that more than 90% of existing projects will fail. I am here to make a case for the one I believe that will succeed.

Presearch is a project that is building an opendecentralized search engineto offer an alternative to the closedcorporate search engines that exist today. They are looking to promote decentralization by incorporating distributed technologies and opening up governance to the members of the community.

They sold 155,000,000 tokens during the crowdsale for a total of around 16 million US dollars.

The bloodstream of their ecosystem is the token PRE, an ERC-20 utility token.

Here’s why you should jump at the opportunity to add this token to your crypto portfolio:

1) They have a live platform

Presearch introduced their beta search platform in November and launched in open beta in April. The current platform is a bridge product that works as a collection of different search engines. Presearch rewards users in the form of PRE tokens to offer them an incentive to try the platform out and build momentum for the project. Currently, more than 25,000 users use the portal to conduct their everyday searches and Presearch is aiming to hit the 100K mark by the end of May, leveraging their brand-new referral program.

2) They already have a MVP

Presearch will release the full, decentralized search engine in early 2019. However, the groundwork was laid a while ago. The founder of Presearch, Colin Pape, recently announced on an interview that they already have a very responsive initial version of the search engine that is utilizing the Bing API. The alpha is expected to be released very soon. At the same time, Presearch will also release its own crawlers that will start indexing the web.

3) They have been adding world-class talent to the team

The team’s focus is to build a cutting-edge search engine. Currently, there are about 20 people working on the project (including contractors), 12 of whom are working on development. Presearch has been adding more talent to the team lately and shall continue to do so. Presearch Labs, the arm of Presearch that has undertaken the mission to build the fully-decentralized search engine that humanity deserves, have been blessed with the addition of a few of Silicon Valley’s most renowned and experienced developers & executives.

4) This project is unique in the crypto space

Every project in the crypto space claims to have a unique idea. Each one of them, though, has many competitors doing the exact same thing. That is not the case for Presearch. While Nebulas is building a search platform for blockchains and Bitclave is building a platform to connect buyers and sellers, Presearch is the only project in the crypto space that is building a full internet search engine. It looks like Presearch is building the most promising search project in the crypto space.

5) They have established a dedicated, HODL community

Presearch has developed what is considered by many to be one of the few most loyal bases in crypto. The large majority of PRE token holders are still holding their tokens in the Presearch platform and not on their wallets or exchanges. That proves that this project is not susceptible to sudden dumps, since most contributors are in it for the long-term. That shows that Presearch is not just a project. It is a movement.

6) The token has many uses within the ecosystem

The value of any token is analogous to the demand for it. The most organic demand for a token, is the demand from real-life users. The PRE token can be used for the following purposes within the Presearch ecosystem:

a) rewarding members for using the platform

b) rewarding members for promoting the platform

c) rewarding members for contributing to the platform

d) purchasing sponsorships and promotional placements

e) voting on community matters

7) The target market for the token is huge

There are over 100 million businesses and organizations on Earth and hundreds of millions of freelancers. All of them are potential sponsors who might at some point wish to advertise their products and services on the platform, utilizing the homepage and also the auto-suggest function. The increasing demand will steadily increase the value of the token. Presearch has the right incentives in place to create local sales forces around the globe that will promote the platform to their local markets.

8) Their founder is a man on a mission

Colin Pape, the founder of Presearch has been a serial entrepreneur for close to 20 years. He is a proponent of a free, accessible, decentralized internet and is leading this ground up movement that is aligned with the interests of humanity. He is very technical but also business-savvy. He has been adamant about creating value for the token holder and humanity as well. Colin has been travelling across North America for almost a year now, attending conferences and meetups and will not rest till this project is successful.

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